How to start the accreditation of an Educational Program

Process description

0. It is important to know and be trained to attend the accreditation process with the CACEI, for which it is suggested that before formally starting it, all those in charge of carrying out the self-assessment take the workshop "Reference Framework 2018 A guide for self-assessment" for engineering education programs, or the "Reference Framework 2021 A guide for self-assessment" for educational programs for Higher University Technicians.

1. To formally start the accreditation process, the interested educational program must send a letter requesting its registration, in the same way it must request the electronic form Hoja Cero that requests general and contact information of the educational program and the HEI that offers it.

Upon meeting both requirements, the CACEI will electronically send a copy of the service agreement between the CACEI and the IES, and a letter notifying:

  • Cost of the accreditation process.
  • Bank details to make the payment of the accreditation service.
  • Current Reference Framework for evaluation.

2.The educational program will review and send the signed Service Agreement and make the payment as indicated in the letter previously sent by CACEI.

3. Once the payment for the accreditation services has been made, the CACEI will send the access credentials to the Electronic Self-Assessment System (username and password) by email to the educational program.

4.The educational program through the Electronic Self-Assessment System will capture your answers for each of the electronic questionnaires and will attach all the evidence requested by the Reference Framework.
Once the educational program through the Electronic Self-Assessment System has validated your responses to each of the electronic questionnaires, it will proceed to send the Self-Assessment Report through the same system.