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Duties of CACEI’s Evaluators

CACEI’s evaluators are people who have one or more degrees in one field of engineering and who have a long experience either in teaching, research and technological development in the industry. Also, CACEI’s evaluators have received training, taught by CACEI, on the methods and procedures that should be followed to make evaluations of the HEI engineering programs. Evaluators of CACEI, when they visit the HEI to which they are assigned, should carefully comply with the procedures and protocols established by CACEI and Copaes; they adhere to the code of conduct and standards generally accepted for this type of work.

The duties of the evaluators are:

  • Evaluate educational programs according to the methodology and procedures established by CACEI, with technical rigor, honesty, and ethics.
  • Carefully review the self-evaluation report of each educational program and issue, if necessary, recommendations derived from this report and the visit to the program.
  • Punctually attend the evaluation visits and strictly adhere to the agenda of work established by CACEI..
  • Report the evaluation of each educational program, following the agreed procedures.
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the Evaluation Committee.

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