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Technical Committees

There is a Technical Committee for each of the specific areas of engineering designed by the Board of Directors. The Technical Committees of Speciality will be integrated by academics, specialists, representatives of public and private universities, as well as professionals of the various branches of engineering.

The primary functions of the technical commissions are:

  1. Propose to the General Director persons who, once complied with the requirements established by CACEI, can join the Registry of Evaluators.

  2. Recommend to the Accreditation Committee the type of decisions on the accreditation of educational programs in the assessment process.

Each Technical Committee will have a Secretary, whose role will be to coordinate the Committee, and will be appointed by the Executive Council of the Association for periods of up to four years.

Currently, the Technical Commisions of Specialty of CACEI are as follows:

  • Bioengineering Technical Commission.
  • Civil Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Computer Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Industrial Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Chemical Engineering Technical Commission.
  • Earth Science Technical Commission.
  • TSU Technical Commission.
  • Business Management Technical Commission.

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