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Appeal process

The appeal process occurs when an educational program is ruled not credited. The educational program may request this process when does not agree with the decision. The time for such appeal is shown in CACEI’s Letter of Results sent to the program along with the documentation and the decision derived from the assessment process.

The appeal process has the following characteristics:

  • The educational program must send to CACEI timely:

    • Application for the appeal process, in printing.
    • Appeal process form filled and printed.
    • Evidence supporting the disagreement with the decision, in a digital storage medium (it is suggested to use a USB memory stick).

  • The appeal session is conducted face-to-face before CACE’s highest accreditation authority, the Accreditation Committee. CACEI shall notify in writing to the educational program, the location, date and time of the appeal session.

  • The session lasts up to 25 minutes. During the first half, the educational program will expose the arguments and evidence that support compliance with the indicators required for accreditation; and in the second part, the Accreditation Committee will ask questions to validate the observance thereof.

  • The appeal must only consider minimum indicators evaluated as Not Achieved or Partially Achieved.

  • The information presented as evidence and the arguments addressing the appeal process must be prepared before the assessment visit. The program cannot generate new evidence or present information generated from actions implemented after the Non-Accredited decision.

  • Up to our representatives of the educational program may attend the appeal session.

  • The Accreditation Committee shall confirm or modify the decision as follows:
    • Non-Accredited: The educational program is suggested to meet the recommendations made during the process and make a new attempt of accreditation in one period not less than one year from this decision.
    • Accredited: the educational program must meet the Continuous improvement monitoring process.

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