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What Accreditation is

Accreditation of academic programs, either at engineer technician (TSU – Técnico Superior Universitario) and bachelor levels, is the public recognition given by an accrediting organization, in the sense that it meets specific criteria and quality parameters. It also means that the program has social pertinence. The mechanisms provided to ensure the quality of education are the diagnostic evaluation and the accreditation.

The Inter-Institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education, (CIEES – Comités Interinstitucionales para la Evaluación de la Educación Superior), do the diagnostic evaluation, and its purpose is to assess the processes and practices of an institution of higher education as a whole or for a specific programme, assigning a level of accomplishment.

The accreditation is carried out by accrediting organizations recognized by Copaes is the result of a process, whose purpose is the public and formal recognition that the educational program meets quality criteria and which also fosters the continual improvement through the attention of the recommendations issued by the accrediting organization after the assessment.

Accreditation, besides, has a duration of five years; after this period, programs are re-evaluated. This new assessment takes into account the recommendations made during the previous process to verify an authentic and relevant improvement of the educational program.

In short, an accredited program is one that:

  • It has been assessed and evaluated by experts in the field, who determine that it is of good quality.
  • It has social pertinence; i.e., it aims to advance their students as factors of social change in their country’s development in the ever-changing world.
  • Meets specific criteria, indicators and parameters of quality in its structure, organization, operation, supplies, teaching processes, services, and their results.

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