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Executive Council:

The Executive Council has the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. Provide guidelines for the formulation of CACEI's work and budget programs and present them to the General Assembly of Associates for analysis and approval.
  2. Approve the members of the Technical Commissions and the Technical Secretaries who will coordinate the commissions of specialty, proposed by the General Director.
  3. Review the report on the status of CACEI’s administration presented by the General Director, which includes the corresponding analyis prepared by the Commissioner and, if applicable, to turn to the General Assembly of Associates the recommendations that it considers pertinent.
  4. Monitor the progress of CACEI, according to its scheduled programs.

The Executive Council is composed of:

  • The president, who is the same person who chairs the General Assembly of Associates.
  • Four members, one for each the following sectors: the chapters of associate engineering professionals, the national association of schools of engineering, the federal government sector, and the productive or social sector.

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